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NOVEMBER 4, 1999 

 Seven documents that had changes

Many points raised yesterday, but discussion coalesced around seven presented by a group of registrars.
1. Prepayment program.
Registrar Accreditation agreement requires prepayment. Not the way NSI has been doing business with customers or partner channels. NSI is in the process of transferring its functions to prepayment model. Done so with customers but not with partners and needs more times. Objection raised is that the delay creates a competitived advantage for NSI. One of the feature sof this package of agreements is to remove the pric e fix that the government imposes as part of its arrangements with NSI. Now have concluded and obtained assent of NSI, DOC and ICANN that NSI will be immediately be relieved of price fix, but only for registrations that do not require prepayment. Any non-prepayed registrations must be at the bottom $70 two year fee. Will be allowed to lower fees for prepaid registrations. Incentive to do this. Timing is still four months to move to prepayment model.
2. Make clear that the prohibition by government on NSI against exclusive relationships with partners for 18 months.
Point has been clarified. Never was the intention to remove that restriction.
3. Service Level Agreement should be incorporated in this agreement.
NSI had no objections, but there is difficulty overnight in crafting such an agreement. Some language for insertion contemp0lates that within the first 45 days, a committee of registrars and registgry people will work out the details.
4. Request to alter approval mechanism for registrars of their contribution to cost recovery to ICANN.
Roberts felt this proposal would destabilize ICANN's funding mechanism. Agreement would appear to give NSI sole control over ICANN's budget.
5. should point to registry database, not NSI's registrar database.
NSI has agreed to do this in 21 days.
6. SRS Protocol should be accessible to future DNS participants.
This has been addressed unilaterally by NSI, informing ICANN that this will be published as an informational RFC from IETF.
7. Point of education to let public know what other registrar services are available, with full menu of registrars.
WHOIS server will have legend at the bottom that says, go to internic site if you want to see where you can register that name. Also, InterNIC site will have all registrars and links to them.
Other ministerial and typographical corrections.
DN lookups and WHOIS references restated in thge agreement, to make explicit that WHOIS is interactive web page, but also a port 43 WHOIS web service for other registrars.













DNS in Congress

Policy statements and Congressional testimony on private sector implementation of the U.S. government Internet White Paper.

International Forum on the White Paper

Meetings in Summer 1998 which culminated with the creation of ICANN.







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